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RevenueCat and Predicted integration

This page gives information about Predicted for RevenueCat customers

Send your transactional data to get forecast of LTV on subscription or cohort on a lifetime of 6, 12 or 24 month.
Predicted can be a helpful integration tool in understanding your LTV values. Joined with attribution (MMP, SKAN) and marketing spend your transactional data could be transformed into a full scale marketing BI system. Check out the advantage of predictive analytics with


The integration tracks the following events:
Initial Purchase
The first purchase of an auto-renewing subscription product that does not contain a free trial.
Trial Started
The start of an auto-renewing subscription product free trial.
Trial Converted
When an auto-renewing subscription product converts from a free trial to normal paid period.
Trial Cancelled
When a user turns off renewals for an auto-renewing subscription product during a free trial period.
When an auto-renewing subscription product renews OR a user repurchases the auto-renewing subscription product after a lapse in their subscription.
When a user turns off renewals for an auto-renewing subscription product during the normal paid period.
Non Subscription Purchase
The purchase of any product that's not an auto-renewing subscription.
A subscription has expired and access should be removed.
Billing Issues
There has been a problem trying to charge the subscriber.This does not mean the subscription has expired (in the case of a grace period enabled).
Product Change
When user has changed the product of their subscription.This does not mean the new subscription is in effect immediately. See for more details on updates, downgrades, and crossgrades. prepares your transactional data for predictive statistical modelling so as the result you get dashboards for both - c-suits and operational levels from setting goals and KPIs to day-to-day user acquisition campaigns optimization.


Initial setup requires two steps to start getting LTV predictions:
  1. 1.
    Provide with app’s history of transactional data to build a predictive model
  2. 2.
    Setup forwarding of webhooks and server notifications to

1. Historical data export

Please request a dump of your historical data from RevenueCat support team in a format of base64 raw receipts

2. Connect with

2.1 Navigate to your project in the RevenueCat dashboard and find the Integrations card in the left menu. Create new webhook integration:
2.2 Use your https://predicted-api-host/v2/{org_id}/revenuecat/callback URL to forward events to Find your {org_id} in app if you already have an account. If not please continue with the registration process here.
2.3 Navigate to your project settings page and find “Apple Server to Server notification settings” section and fill in “Apple Server Notification Forwarding URL” with https://predicted-api-host/v2/{org_id}/appstore/callback where {org_id} is public organization in Predicted id(uuid4).

How to get Organisation ID

If you are already user you can find your ORG ID in personal cabinet
Contact with for the registration here
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